ASK 2020 is cancelled

Wednesday 24th of June - Sunday 28th of June
Jarlsgård Bornholm

UPDATE! We have decided to cancel ASK 2020 due to the current covid-19 crisis.


At this moment, it is not allowed to gather more than 10 persons at a time in Denmark. We do not know when this will change, and there is no way right now for us to know whether we will be allowed to be 200, 100 or even 50 gathered for ASK. 

The Danish government does not seem to release any guidelines other than the fact that it will definitely not be allowed to be 500 gathered before the 1st of September.


Also, the Danish borders are still closed for everyone but Danish citizens and residents. The borders might open up the 11th of May, they might not - we have no way of knowing when it will happen. Which is obviously a big deal for our many non-Danish participants.


We have thought long and hard about it.

We have all really been looking forward to ASK 2020.

But it does not feel wise to put any more energy and effort into something that is so uncertain and might not even be possible. Not for us organizers, and not for all our volunteers and participants.

Since we are cancelling the gathering, we will return your participation fee. You should have received an email from us.

ASK is a small international festival for families and individuals who are already, or are planning to unschool, worldschool or homeschool, and individuals who are generally interested in self-directed learning.


It is an all volunteer event, a space for meeting like-minded individuals, exchanging experiences and knowledge, laugh, dance and sing together.

There will be around 200 participants this year. All ages and nationalities are so welcome, our ideal is to have a nice age mix. Last year we had children ranging from 0 - 12 years of age and participants from a lot of countries actually, but mainly from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. We will make sure there will be a nice group of older children (around 9-14) and arrange scheduled activities for them, in order to make it easier to make friends.

We are also thinking about starting a kind of not back to school teenage camp in the future, so please let us know if you would be interested in that.

If you have any questions or ideas, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail. 

The gathering is an amazing oportunity to make connections with other homeschooling parents and to share experiences and ideas. The atmosphere is as warm as it can get and what is the most important - totally happy kids, free to play, to discover, to meet other kids and to make new friendships. An amazing experience and definitely going to repeat nex year :-)

We had such a nice time at ASK. It will take some time before realising the full scope of this experience. We enjoyed the space to hang out and meet. Time to play and be. Meditation upon deschooling. See beyond the filters to the essence of what is learning. Thank you!

Participating in Ask has been a wonderful experience for our family. New friendships were formed and our daughter even asked if we could stay and live there from now on. Definitely the cosiest festival we have ever attended.

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